Where did we land?

(5 January 2018) Just after the full moon I got the opportunity to test my new 70/300 telephoto lens. Also good to practise a bit before the full lunar eclipse on the 31st of this month.
Of course we see the moon upside down from the Northern hemisphere, so to find the landing sites of spacecraft the many pictures on the internet have to be upside downed as well. The L landing site was the location where the first soft landing from a spacecraft from earth took place: Luna 9 from the Soviet Union.
Apollo 11 landed at the location shown as – how smart – ’11’. Of course this was the first landing of men on the moon, and it made Australia world famous because of its involvement with the Parkes telescope (who doesn’t know the movie ‘The Dish’?) The other numbers indicate the other Apollo landing sites.
All of this of course only IF you believe that the landings actually took place. There still are people out there who have their doubts…..

Canon EOS 700D, f/5.6 (as low as possible) 1/400, focal length 300. The rule of 500 shows that (500 divided by the focal length = 500/300= 1.66) the maximum exposure to use is 1.66 seconds. If it’s longer the photo will be blurred due to the optical movement of the moon.