Say cheese, or…?

(27 October 2017) It looks like a diorama, doesn’t it? Or a studio set up. It isn’t. Last Wednesday our small local group of naturalist photographers / videographers, known better as ‘Peter’s Nightclub’, went out for the first nocturnal walk of the season. Knoll NP did not disappoint.
This little frog and a black spotted semi-slug eating a mushroom, put quite some effort into creating a beautiful display; we didn’t have to ask them to smile. None of’em like cheese anyway…. We enjoyed the display thoroughly, also because they clearly liked the attention and stayed there while being immortalized.


Two torches to light all main bodyparts of the three creatures, a tripod and a 60mm marco lens did the job. To make sure to have enough depth of field i set it on f/10, which required a long exposure of 1 second. With this sort of subjects that is not a problem, though.

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