‘Green & Gold’ tree snake?

(26 January 2018) Green and Gold. That is really what green tree snakes should look like: green back, yellow/gold belly. And that not only on Australia Day.
This week I received this snake for identification, still contained in the snake catcher’s bag. It looked very much like a green tree snake, but lacked the yellow belly, despite having a bit of yellow underneath the head. Nevertheless, it was a green tree snake. When it was released from its bag, and I was ready to take some more pictures, it just took off in very high speed, enjoying the sun and the freedom, not willing to return for a photo shoot. Therefore: not a very great picture but useful nevertheless.
In the booklet ‘The Snakes of Tamborine Mountain’ 7th edition (for sale at the Piccabeen bookshop, all proceeds go to Landcare) I write that green tree snakes always have a yellow belly. Not true clearly… but it is ‘almost always’ true. For me this was the first time I’ve seen a green tree snake with only a bit of yellow around the head, and a non-yellow belly.
Snake identification is not always easy. So better assume that any snake you encounter is dangerously venomous, till the opposite is proven to be true. Don’t touch, don’t chase, regardless. The residents who found this snake behind their bookcase did the right thing: didn’t touch it, contained it behind the bookcase so it can’t escape and called a snake catcher.
Enjoy Australia Day!