Soon to be mommy

(13 October 2017) Not only for birds and mammals spring is the call to procreate, also the reptiles are getting in the mood of passing on their genes to a next generation. This video, taken near Esme Street, shows ‘soon to be mom’ carpet snake getting back to her eggs, after basking for half an hour in the sun. After curling her warm body around the 25 or so eggs, she yawns… and falls asleep. At least that is what it looks like: in reality if you enter into her comfort zone she will fiercely defend her future offspring. In this case I intended to remove the tick from her face, but even the first attempt to approach her was clearly not appreciated…. the tick fell off the next day.
The offspring, each about 39 cm long, hatched after 25 days. They don’t hang around but move on, finding their on way into adulthood… or into the stomach of relentless predators. This video is from an earlier season. If you find a breeding python anywhere – in a forest, a paddock or in your garden – then please leave her alone. Don’t approach or attack… she and her offspring will move on within a month. Just enjoy the beauty of the way nature creates its next generation.
You’re more than welcome to let me know: I always can do with more video and photos.