Night sounds, a guide

(29 September 2017) At night walks not only vision matters: sounds are important as well. The list below includes only animals that can be found on Tamborine Mountain, at night.

Barking Owl
Barn Owl
Brush tail possum
Bush Stone Curlew
Cane Toad
Cicadas 1
Cicadas 2
Cicadas 3
Common Koel
Great barred frog
Green-thighed frog, Litoria brevipalmata
Green tree frog, litoria caerulea
Grey headed flying fox
Litoria fallax, eastern sedge frog
Little red flying fox
Masked owl
Owlet nightjar
Red-eyed Tree Frog, Litoria chloris
Ringtail possum
Soothy Owl
Southern Boobook
Spotted tail quoll
Squirrel glider
Striped Rocket Frog, Litoria nasuta
Sugar glider
Tawny frogmouth
White throated night jar
Yellow bellied glider