Celebrating the rain

(22 September 2017) It felt almost as if the earth and sky used fireworks to celebrate the first rain in about 9 weeks. Water is running low, not only in creeks and ponds, also in the water tanks.
Hopefully this first storm will be a sign of of the end of the very dry Winter months.
These lightning flashes did not make it to the ground: they are called ‘cloud-to-air’. 90% of all lightning flashes stay either in the clouds, or move horizontally.

I took photos with a 10 seconds exposure time and small aperture of f/18 to reduce background light from the Gold Coast. Tripod, and then 150 pictures on a row. Used my 60 mm macro lens, which is rather hard. A zoom lens going back to 25mm or so is much easier, because you cover a much larger section of the sky. But a sort of close up of the flash has its own charm.