Our wildflowers

(1 Sep 2017) Western Australia is famous for its wild flowers: but don’t cut us out… already many tiny flowers are blooming to celebrate spring’s arrival.
The four flowers in this picture are all smaller than 10 mm. Those tiny flowers are very often very pretty. The Landcare site at Hartley Road offers a wide variety of native trees, plants and shrubs, a wonderful place to relax, walk and enjoy the beauty of our native flora.

Close up, macro photography is always challenging, even in sunny weather. Because of the small size of the subjects, a maximum depth of field is required to get the essential parts of these flowers in focus. The difficulty of that is that this requires a longer shutter time. A little breeze can easily spoil the photo. I use a plamp to reduce the movement of the flowers, without damaging them. An alternative is to use flash, despite being in bright sunlight.