My hollow of choice

(23 June 2017) Many creatures in ‘Green Island in the Sky’ are not that easy to find, mainly because they are tiny and nocturnal. At the opposite end of the scale we find the rainbow lorikeet. Easy to find all over the mountain, either by sight or by audio… Nevertheless, it is worse having a closer look at them at this time of the year. Around the sport grounds, and at many other locations with large eucalypts, these noisy, rather boisterous, but very pretty birds reveal some of their specific behaviour: looking for locations to produce offspring. If you look in the tall trees you will often see two rainbow lorikeets together, searching the hollows to be used as nesting sites, especially hollow limbs of a eucalypt trees. They will have a look, one after the other, inspect and move on to check out other possible locations. When satisfied the female will lay the eggs in the hollow of choice, and incubate the eggs.
Fun-fact: in the last few years some lorikeets have managed to survive in my country of birth, The Netherlands. In the past an escape from captivity meant certain death in winter, but with the changing climate and milder winters, increasing numbers of lorikeets survive in the wild in Holland. Rainbow lorikeets are among them.

As I did not have a tripod, the 55mm lens with enough depth of field (f/10) only allowed for 1/60 of a second on ISO 100. With ISO 800 the shuttertime was 1/250, good enough for a hand held photo.