A moving sky: food for the soul

(4 August 2017) A time lapse video like this is really not more than a series of photos, taken with a certain interval. You might recognise the Southern Cross in this video, as well as the two pointers. And the dark patch to the left of the Southern Cross: it is a huge cloud of dust, hiding the stars behind it; the popular name is ‘the coal sack’.
To me this sort of photography is like meditation. Being out in the field at night, alone (okay: with my dog), under a cloudless and moonless sky, surrounded only by trees, is magic. And then, creating the time lapse video and adding some appropriate music…. meditation again.
It’s food for the soul.

The photos were taken at the Long Road extension, near the ‘tiger cage’ at the extension of Normandie Court. That spot is easily accessible, but relatively protected from artificial lights from homes, gardens and streets.
ISO 1600 works well for me; the ‘noise’ is insignificant and it allows for shorter shutter times. f/3.5 is okay, because the depth of field is not an issue. I used 15 seconds shutter time on a wide angle, 18 mm lens.