A snake on a strict diet…

(26 May 2017) Driving home at night, two weeks ago, after a good downpour, a bandy bandy crossed Kinabalu Drive. It was there to find food, which is quite a challenge given its strict diet. Anyway, it’s one of those snakes very easy to spot: the distinct black and white bands are unique (and much more pronounced than on a Stephen’s banded snake).

Blind snake

Bandy-bandy’s are a rare sighting, even for snake catchers. These nocturnal, burrowing snakes, are found beneath the soil surface, under stumps, rocks & logs. They only emerge at night, after rain. Why? Because they need food.
Interestingly enough the bandy bandy is on a unique diet: of blind snakes. The mountain is home to three species of blind snakes, all listening to the unpronounceable name of Ramphotyphlops. These small snakes live underground and only appear after rain… so that’s why we see bandy-bandy’s emerge then as well.
Bandy-bandy’s are weakly poisonous, but harmless to humans. The poison is not very potent. The docile nature of the snake and its small mouth size make bites extremely rare. For humans that is…. not for the poor, blind Ramphotyphlops.

Nothing to remark.