Acrobatic tree frog

(21 April 2017) Just after the rain of last Wednesday the forest was very wet (lots of leeches!) and the frogs were out and about, including litoria chloris, the orange (or red) eyed tree frog. It’s a rare sighting in the local rainforest, even though this species is not considered rare at all.
This frog will, among other frogs, be the ‘star’ of the design of the Green Island in the Sky T-shirts, soon available in all sizes small to extra large.

ISO 400, f/11, 0.6 seconds. Frogs are easy subjects, because they often just sit and wait. The position is a bit different from the standard ‘sitting on a leaf’ frog sort of thing. This photo has more movement, I reckon.
Using torch light keeps the nightly atmosphere, but it requires to compensate for the colour of the torch light. It was about 4300 degrees Kelvin and to compensate I reduced it to about 3200 degrees. This gives the creature its real ‘daylight’ colours. Normally I would shoot a special photo off a white sheet, lit by the torch, to compensate immediately during the photo shoot. Not having that opportunity it was left as a post-processing task. To the right you see the photo before processing: much warmer colours, but not natural.