Frog on the table

(31 March 2017) With the remnants of cyclone Debbie inundating the region with up to 400 mm of rain, frogs are having a ball. This eastern dwarf tree frog (Litoria fallax) enjoyed the wet on the table on our veranda, taking a rest from its main day time job: seeking a girls, calling her with a very high pitch…. a sound as familiar to Tamborine Mountain as that of the kookaburra.
Litoria fallax can easily be recognised by its small size of only 25 mm and two lines on its head: a white line begins under the eye and joins the white stomach. A brown line runs from the nostril, across the eye further backwards.
In Green Island in the Sky you will find this frog as well, comfortably sitting on the leaf of a stinger…. apparently well protected against the nasty silicon needles of that tree.

Frogs are rather easy subjects for photographers, not as anxious as flies, rodents, birds and many mammals (including humans…). A large depth of field (small aperture) helps to get the entire frog in focus… f/14. That required 1.6 seconds of shutter time, but being a quite subject that was okay. Torch and artificial veranda lights emphasize the artificial, domestic environment, with a nice mirroring of the frog in the water on the plastic table.