(3 March 2017) After the warmest month ever here at the Gold Coast we hoped for some rain. It did not happen. Last night thick clouds built up over the Ocean to the East: was this an omen? Lightning coloured the higher clouds spooky white and grey, while the street lights of the Gold Coast City painted the lower clouds deeply orange.
And that was it. Maybe a few drops on the beach, but nothing up here on the Mountain.
We have to wait for a better mood of the spirits of the rain and the clouds, Wandjina.

A tripod to start with. This thunderstorm was not very heavy, which means that a lighting strike only happened once every few minutes. It’s easy to overexpose, or underexpose. I used 30 second exposure, to have the best chance of ‘grabbing’ a strike. That’s a long exposure, so to compensate I used ISO 100, and f/9. I bought myself for 20 dollars or so a small device that regulates the camera, by opening the lens for 30 seconds, then stop it for a second and do it again. Till I disconnect it. In that way the camera takes photos for half an hour without me having to bother.