Titan Stick insect

(16 Feb. 2018) Acrophylla titan, the titan stick insect, is the longest insect found in Australia, maybe even in the world. It is native to south-east Queensland and New South Wales. Both males and females have two pairs of wings. Males can fly quite well, but females have reduced wings and are incapable of flight.
The female adult body length is about 230mm, the male is half of that. They are herbivorous, mainly feeding on leaves of cypress trees. In captivity they also munch eucalyptus leaves.
The specimen in the photo stayed a few hours at the veranda before walking of to a location with more food.
The word Titan refers to its mythological origin. The God Uranus (Heaven) and Goddess Gê (Earth), had 12 children, all Titans. The word ‘titanic’ refers to the great size and power of the Titans, attributes necessary to make their defeat by their own children, the Olympians, more impressive.