Glowing mushrooms

(9 December 2016) During the summer glowing mushrooms appear at irregular times in the forests of Tamborine Mountain. The eerie green shine adds significantly to the impressive look and feel of the rainforests at night. Of the world’s 100,000 species of mushrooms only 70 glow, 5 of those exist in Australia. Over the years I’ve spotted at least three species on the mountain. Mushrooms are only the fruiting body of the fungus and form only 2% of the entire organism. The jury is still out on why mushrooms glow, but in this case it seems obvious. Giant Panda snails eat these mushrooms, and while doing that they get showered in spores, which they will disperse during the slow movements on the forest floor later.
f/5.6 and ISO 400 still requires a 60 seconds opening of the shutter. Tripod required, in this case a pocket one, because the camera was close to the ground (as were the mushrooms). No artificial light used at all.