Normal moon in super sky

(25 Nov 2016) The special sky paints the picture, not the ‘super moon’. Despite the global hype about it….. this was simply a full moon. Yes, the moon was a little bit closer to earth than average, but that is not a big deal, really. Not even visible with the naked eye or binoculars.
I know: this statement is too prosaic, where is the romance? For me the romance is not in the ‘myth’ of blue moons, or red moons, or whatever moons. It is in simply using eyes and heart in seeing the beauty of nature when it displays itself spontaneously. I’m happy with this moment, the sunset providing the colors to the clouds, and the moon adding that little bit of ‘finesse’.

The main skill for this photo was: watch the moment, run inside, fetch the camera and tripod, set up and shoot…. and hope the moment is still there. It was, for only another 20 seconds. f/7.1, ISO 100, 1/125. And as always: no post processing except for a bit of sharpening and cropping.