Two tiger moths, I guess

(18 Nov 2016) This has to be the White Antenna Wasp Moth, Amata nigriceps. But it is obvious that is does not have the white antennas. Sort of finding an elephant… without the rather distinctive trunk. A couple of moths, coupling at a cozy dark corner of MacDonell National Park, till three guys arrive with torches, cameras and a little bit too much interest to be pleasant!
The species has been found in Singapore, as well as in Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.
I’m still not sure about the identification: suggestions appreciated.

It is the first night walk with my new mate: a new Canon 700D! Same lenses, new camera. Not that much difference with its five year old predecessor, but at least it does not have the dysfunctional buttons and the worn out image sensor.
f/5.6, 1/40, tripod, ISO 200, 55 mm zoom lens. Torch light. Next time I will use my 60 mm macro lens, could be slightly better.