Walks and talks

Presentation at Hilltop, 8 Dec 2016

Who knows that katydids have their ears on their elbows?
Are you aware that all eels of the mountain breed in Vanuatu… of all places?
And that some snails here on the mountain live nowhere else in the world?

Weather and diary depending, I might be able to join your group at a walk in Joalah NP to find as many creatures as possible and share my knowledge. I won’t charge you for that, but I do require that you buy or have bought at least one copy of ‘Green Island in the Sky’ per two adults. To organise, please call or email me (07-55454398, jaap@greenislandinthesky.com.au). If I join your group then I like you to follow instructions, mainly meant to reduce risk for participants and minimize impact on wildlife.

The amazing world of local wildlife of Tamborine Mountain is not only on display in print in ‘Green Island in the Sky’, but also during vibrant and mesmerizing presentations by its author, Jaap Vogel. It’s not a lecture: it is story telling. It is about sharing the passion for our beautiful mountain environment. “Jaaps talk was much appreciated by our members”. (Warrick Bailey, Probus, in Tamborine Times 4 May 2017)

Presentation for school children in Esme Street Environmental Park

Presentation for school children in Esme Street Environmental Park

In a 15, 30 or 45 minutes ‘show’ Jaap presents the astonishing world of creatures of the mountain, with content adjusted to the expected audience (I do own a valid blue card). The organiser of the event – could be a school – has a big say in the choice of topics and the duration. Jaap holds a Bluecard. Please contact me for the – very attractive – conditions.