Late light

( 24 Oct 2016) Sometimes it’s just about ‘the moment’. Looking East from the deck of my house, sipping a dry white, it simply happened. The setting sun set the palm in fire, right in front of some dark clouds over the ocean. I ran inside, took the camera and shot. 20 seconds later the sunlight faded, probably due to some cloud cover. The show was over.

No time for a tripod, no time to choose (let alone ‘change’) the lens: the 60 mm macro had to do it. This lens doesn’t zoom and being confined to the deck, there was no room to manouvre. I just managed to get the tree in the picture and enough bush to the left to get enough ‘frame’. The photo is un-cropped. With f/4.0 I had 1/500 seconds of shutter time, short enough for a distant hand held photo. In post-processing I never manipulate colours; these are thus also authentic.