Zieria Collina


(23 Sep 2016) The subject is very special: Zieria Collina is a bush that only grows on Tamborine Mountain. Therefore it is officially listed as ‘vulnerable’. The main threats are intentional burning of forest, lantana infestation and habitat loss.
It flowers all year round, but especially in Spring time. The flowers are only about 4mm across. It propagates by seeds. More about it in ‘Green Island in the Sky‘ page 45.

The movement of the photo follows the fly: right top, left bottom. More space in front of the fly, therefore.
To get enough depth of field I used f/10 (and not lower). Because of a high ISO setting of 400, I still had 1/125 sec of shutter time. I needed that because I did not have my tripod. Focal length 55mm.